Ironman Florida – A Brief Photo Essay

I have a lot of thoughts I want to get together before I write my full race report. To start, I at least wanted to put up some pictures here first. With so much to say, I don’t want to rush through it.

Ready to Roll

The waiting was the hardest part

The mass swim start wasn't as daunting as I thought it would be

Feeling good at the start of Lap 1


Still smiling at the end of Lap 1


Taking care of some GI rumbling halfway through Lap 2

STILL smiling as I approach the finish line!

Saul and I ... partners in running crime. The smile of "coach" Chance's face also says a lot, too.

Bling! Total time: 10:27:58 (Swim 1:12:38 Bike 5:22:59 Run 3:39:10)



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7 responses to “Ironman Florida – A Brief Photo Essay

  1. Ty

    Amazing accomplishment. Congrats!

  2. mazzle tav, senor. What a great debut.

  3. Great pictures – oh and – a great race too 🙂 Congratulations! Small world…. I swim masters with Matthew Rose’s Father in Law. Every Tuesday and Thursday I do my best just to try and keep up with him!

  4. That is AWESOME! Great Time! I was lucky to get a spot in next years IMFL! It will be my first 140.6 =)

  5. nice job and thanks for taking the time to write up a great recap.

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