Tough Mudder Georgia Issues

DISCLAIMER: I did not compete in the Tough Mudder event in Cedartown, Georgia. The following is a copy of a letter a friend received after competing in it over the weekend.

Interestingly,  on their website, Tough Mudder  organizers say that the final water truck  “sprung a leak.” Yet, in this letter they say that it might have been “sabotaged.” Whatever the case was, if you don’t have enough water for the competitors don’t stage the race that day. Postpone it until all safety measures have been taken care of.

I was told by a friend who competed in the race that there was no food or gels at the aid stations for a race that was over 12 miles long. Again, I only have this information from a friend. It is not a first-hand account, so take it for what it is.

Also, based on the race conditions and the fact that organizers had to apologize for not having enough water,  it’s not really appropriate to boast that 29% of the competitors didn’t finish the race or that it took 45 longer than other Tough Mudder events. That doesn’t strike me as something you want to brag about.

Lastly, it’s a nice gesture to offer a discount on a future race, but why limit it only to a 2011 event? Why not allow the discount to apply to the same race next year? Oh… and the discount code expires 11 DAYS after the race was held!

Here is the letter from the Tough Mudder CEO:

Dear Georgia Mudders,

I want to give my sincerest apologies to you all for the lack of water at our event this weekend. We were going to have four water stations, but to our great frustration two of the four were vandalized in the early hours of Saturday morning. Cups were thrown in the mud, and two of our four water trucks had holes punched in the side. As a result, we had to close one water station (which would have been at mile six), while another one suffered severe leakages such that we ran low on water on Saturday.

Sadly, we have no idea who was behind this. Although some of our competitors were clearly marketing themselves at our event over the weekend, we find it very difficult to believe they would go to this length to sabotage us. We’re deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused. We promise this will not happen again. Going forward, we’re going to have security guards monitoring our water stations over night. In addition, we will have other supplies at our aid stations to prevent serious cramping.

We know it doesn’t change what has already happened, but to show our sincere regret for the inconvenience caused, we’d like to offer you a $20 discount for any future 2011 event. You may use the discount code GeorgiaNoH20. Please note this code expires on 3/23.

Interestingly, they appeared to have plenty of water for this…


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