Son Finishing First-Ever Fun Run

When I woke the boy up at 6:15, he wasn’t too excited about going to his first-ever 1-mile “fun run.” Unlike his dad, he apparently doesn’t really see the joy in waking up before the sun. Kids these days…

“Dad, why in the world did you wake me up so early on Saturday?” he asked. “I’m so tired my eyes hurt.”

After getting him out the door with a bribe of food, we stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for an everything bagel, toasted, with cream cheese. His favorite. Soon, he forgets how tired he was.

An hour later, we arrived at the start line. Bang! The gun goes off, startling the runners … and the camera operator.

Based on the finishing times, it’s pretty safe to say that this race wasn’t a certified 1-mile course. In fact, even he said it felt shorter than a mile when he finished. Good instincts. Here he is coming down the closing stretch.

Although he was VERY reluctant to participate when I woke him up, when it was over, he actually said he wanted to run a longer race next time. Looks like we’ll be stepping it up to a 5k!

As for dad, a nagging calf injury forced me to pull up after just 500 yards or so. My first-ever DNF. While that would really annoy me on most days, today was about something else.


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One response to “Son Finishing First-Ever Fun Run

  1. barbie

    aww. how cute! and he is speedy like his dad! I am glad he had fun, but he is right waking up early is the pits!!

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