Street Hockey Training

Running and cycling has been a bit tough these days in Atlanta after a winter storm dumped 4-5 inches of snow in the area. (I got in one 5.5-mile run in the snow the other day and plan to get out again for a couple more short runs before a long run over the weekend.)

This is the scene from my “snow run” on Jan. 11. It was a rare treat to run in the elements for a change.

The Southern folk don’t exactly know what to do with all of the snow/ice. And because the entire state has about 10 snowplows/salt trucks, it has taken a while for them to clear the streets.

So… while waiting for the ice to melt, I decided to challenge some of the neighborhood kids to some good ol’ fashioned street hockey. The ice was a bit choppy from the tire tracks, but nobody got hurt and we all had a great time!

Hopefully, the weather warms up a little soon and the ice melts so I can get back on the bike soon. If not, I can always stick with the street hockey training regimen for a little longer!


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