My First 5k Race

This seems kind of odd, considering that I just finished the NYC Marathon, but this coming Saturday I will be running in my first organized 5k race — the 2009 Run For Justice in Decatur, GA. I have run in several 10Ks, but never in a 5k.
As a bonus, I got a FREE entry into the race thanks to a Barbie, a woman I have never actually met. I follow her blog and she said her company had two free entries so I jumped at the chance!
Compared with 26.2 miles, 3.1 mile should be a breeze. Instead of the intense focus I had leading up to the marathon, I am planning to just have fun in this race. Although I’m sure that when it starts, my competitive juices will kick in and I will try to run as fast as my 38-year-old legs will take me!
Oh, and as another bonus, I managed to talk a neighbor into running in the race with me. Should be a good time.



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2 responses to “My First 5k Race

  1. Mom

    Have fun. I have a new car 2008 Subaru white 21000 miles I love it it is an outback love Mom

  2. It’s true. You just think ehh it’s 3.2 miles – just a little run but then you line up at the start and the juices of competition set in. You’ll have so much fun. 5k’s are always a great mix of people all wanting to help a local cause! Have fun on Saturday!!

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