Starting to cut back

As I get inside of two months before the marathon, I’m slowly cutting back on the numbers of runs I do per week.

After my 5 miles on Wednesday, I hit the road for a REAL slow and steady 4 miles on Thursday. Then, even though my schedule said to do 4 miles on Friday, I take the day off to let my legs revover. I feel that I’m starting to burn myself out a little, and that’s the LAST thing I want to do.

The day off served me well.

On Saturday, I go ahead with my scheduled 12-miler, but I decided to take a completely new route. This one includes some serious hills. The final three miles are almost entirely uphill. And the first of three hills is the type of incline that you would have to avoid in a snowstorm. You’re tires would spin and you would slide back down. It’s a doozy.

As I climb the hill, another early-morning runner passes me on the way down the other side.  He gives me the thumbs up, as if to say “I know what you’re going through!” A nod of appreciation can go a long way.

With this week’s schedule calling for:

Sun – 4

Mon – 3

Tues – 5

Wed – 5

Thu – 5

Fri – OFF

Sat – 20

I will likely only run Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I plan to take Thursday and Friday completely off to prepare for my first-ever 20 miler on Saturday. I have yet to decide where I want to run it. The Silver Comet Trail is nice, but the out-and-back route is pretty monotonous. Hopefully I will be able to find a new, more scenic route.

Oh, and am awaiting a new set of shoes to arrive in the mail. Brace yourself. These are them:


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  1. Mom

    I never thought you could were orange shoes Love Mom

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