Love Thy Neighbor

When training for a marathon, I have discovered that it REALLY helps to have a neighbor who is not only a nice guy, but a chiropractor.

After taking a few days off following my 18-miler on Saturday and a 4-miler on Sunday, I hit the road for 5-miles on Wednesday. The run went pretty well, but I am still finding that my legs aren’t recovering nearly as fast as I would like them to. In fact, my left calf remains a sore spot for me, literally.

scomaAfter becoming aware of my nagging issues (my wife talked to his wife), a neighbor of mine, Dr. Christopher Scoma, told me to come over and let him work on my legs for a bit.

He’s much more than just a chiropractor — as you might think of the profession. After just a few minutes, I was thoroughly convinced that the pain in my leg is DEFINITELY not from a stress fracture.

As he pressed on the muscles, tendons and joints around my shins, ankles and hips, I could feel (painfully) that my muscles and tendons were in knots.  Simply put, I was a little bit out of whack in several areas.  This was no spa-style massage he was giving me. It hurt, but in a good way. I knew that he was pinpointing the problems. There was no denying it.

I’ve got a couple more 4-mile runs left this week, then it’s 12 miles on Saturday. I’m hoping that the work of my good neighbor pays off.


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  1. Mom

    it is good to have a good neighbor

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