Friends Don't Let Friends Get Chafed Nipples!

When I set up this blog, I said “lessons will be learned.”

Well, I wasn’t lying. Nipple chafing is a subject that I never thought I would be writing about.

Before I get to that subject, just a summary of the past week.

I went on a brief family vacation to central N. Carolina, played some golf, went to the pool with the kids, and did other vacationy (not a word, but I’m going with it) things. A good time was had by all.

Before we left, I had an 8-miler on the schedule. This time, rather than going out to the Silver Comet Trail like I had done two weeks earlier for an 8-miler, I decided to stay local and did two laps around the neighborhood. This was a TOUGH, hilly workout. It was only 7.8 miles, but that’s close enough, I figure.

I like the idea of mixing up some of the longer, flat runs, with a long, hilly run the next time around. Seems to be a good balance.
And even though it was over hills, this 8-miler seemed a bit easier than the previous one. Guess, that just comes with training.

Once we got to N.C., I mapped out a 4-mile route around my in-laws lake/golf course. I ran this route, as scheduled, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and then took Friday off, as usual. After my last run, my wife told me about a little birdie that my daughter found along the edge of the lake — a dead Canadian Goose! nice… (apparently snapping turtles dragged it under but failed to finish the job.)

I was then enlisted as the dead-goose-disposal guy.


In case you’re wondering, when you pick up a water-logged dead goose by the neck, you can hear and feel every bone it its neck crack. Awesome! I dragged the goose into the woods, much to my 5-year-old daughter’s dismay. (She wanted to keep it as a pet.)

When Friday rolled around, we left the in-laws and head out to visit my wife’s bro in Fort Mill, S.C. At some point I inform her that regardless of the fact that we haven’t seen him (or his newborn daughter many months), I am still going to get up and run 13 miles on Saturday morning. She seems dumbfounded by my dedication. At this point, dedication has clearly morphed into addiction. I’m not sure when exactly this happened, but there’s no denying it. I have a running problem.

Because it’s such a long run, and I don’t know the area that well, I simply decided to map 6.65-mile out-and-back route in Fort Mill. (Why 6.65 and not just 6.5 you ask? Well, that’s just the way the route took me.)

When I leave the house at 6:40 a.m., thankfully there is very little traffic. The road I am running on has virtually NO shoulder and less than 2 miles of it has sidewalks! Yes, it’s a “highway.” Albeit a two-lane highway in rural SC, but still… When will I learn? Making the run even more difficult, at the turnaround point, I find myself downwind of a Hardees. The smell of biscuits and bacon nearly derails me, but I press on.

Because I was planning to be home for my 13-miler, I was ill-prepared for the run… or so I thought. I had packed my two clip-on 8-ounce water bottles, but didn’t have any energy gels with me. Instead, I ate a Clif bar and a banana about 15 minutes before taking off and packed another Clif bar with me. Energy gels are certainly much easier (smaller) to run with, but much to my surprise, the Clif bar worked just fine. However, eating a chewy granola bar while running is NOT very refreshing and I don’t recommend it.

When I stepped out of the house, the temp was in the high-80s and the humidity was about the same! Holy crap, I thought I would never survive. In the end, I didn’t realize it was possible for a person to sweat so much. Over the last couple miles, I could feel my shorts becoming soaked completely through. My shirt never stood a chance. It was drenched after about 5 miles. As for my socks, they held up great!

I bought three pairs of PowerSox at Dicks Sporting Goods recently for about $12. They are made by Moretz, the same company that makes GoldToe… and I love me some GoldToe socks.

Now, as for my nipples, that’s another story.

I recall that the last time I ran a half marathon, a friend had warned me about nipple chafing.  Go ahead and laugh, but I’m sure any woman who has breast fed knows it’s not funny!

Due to the constant friction created between my heavy, sweat-drenched shirt (I was wearing a Champion Tech) type of shirt, and my areolas, I am still paying the price two days later. Ouchie! I didn’t notice it while running, but when I got in the shower after the run, the water left me wincing. Sure, call me a sissy, but sensitive nipples are nothing to joke about!

After all, I don’t want to become this guy…


To combat this issue on my next long run, I plan to employ the simple technique of using little waterproof band-aids. Yeah, it’s not very high tech, but from what I have been told by other marathoners, it’s the best method.

Phew… ok, I said it, my nipples are chafed! I feel better now.

Four miles on the schedule tomorrow morning.



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2 responses to “Friends Don't Let Friends Get Chafed Nipples!

  1. Raymond Reilly

    not sure if you are sporting some piercings…

    but if so-you don’t have to worry about removing your nipple rings…

    and as an fyi-my first time I ran 1o miles it felt like brillo pads were run across my chest.

  2. mom


    I will mail you some bandaids

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