10 miler

First, let me just say that this is a test of my blogging skills on the iPhone.

It was pretty crowded on the Silver Comet this morning at 730. (I overslept a bit.)

I remembered to stretch beforehand, which made a BIG difference. It was a perfect morning. About 65 degrees. Absolutely awesome temp for a long run.

One tip I have discovered for myself… Tie the laces on the side of the shoes not the top. This keeps them from annoyingly hitting the opposite ankle when running. A small thing but it works.

One other tip… Make sure you suck down all of the energy gel from the pack before you put the wrapper back in your pocket.

Here is a map of the run:
10 Miles silver Comet Trail
Find more Runs in Smyrna, Georgia

After the run, which took me just 1:10 thanks to the beautiful weather, I head home and take the kids to a cool puppet show!

We had a blast!

Next, it’s off to the Mets-Braves game followed by the free All-American Rejects concert. What a day.


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