Week 3

More Hills!

This week has been just another typical week. Thankfully the weather has been great in ATL for my morning runs. A lack of humidity has made for some easy training. I don’t expect it to keep up much longer though. August should be a much tougher month.
This week I continued with the normal schedule of 4 miles on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Tuesday was the best day after taking Monday off. My legs felt fresh and I felt like I could easily have done 5 or 6 miles. It’s a good thing I didn’t. After Wednesday’s run, my right calf muscle started to tighten up again. By Thursday, it hurt even worse. I’m hoping Friday’s “off day” gives me time to recover enough for Saturday’s 10-miler.
On Thursday, I did some more hill sprints. It was a hard workout around the neighborhood. There are about 4 SERIOUS hills and 4 smaller ones. If I can do these hills on a regular basis, NYC’s “hills” should be easy pickins! (Ok, maybe not, but it’s wishful thinking.)
On a somewhat related note, I’m thinking of switching this blog to WordPress.org from Blogger. I still have to do some more research on it, but WordPress seems more flexible and easier to use. As a bonus, WordPress has an iPhone app, which could make it easier to update it when I don’t have my laptop.

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