Sweaty Socks

Sweaty Socks
After a much-needed day off on Friday, I had an action-packed Saturday.

It started out with a few hours on the lake with my son, his friend and his friend’s dad. The boys did some tubing off the back of the boat and Kyle’s old man did some kneeboarding. I hadn’t been kneeboarding since I was about 15, yet somehow I managed to get up on the board on the first attempt. I even jumped the wake several times and never wiped out once! 38 is the new 18!

After getting back from the lake, Kyle took off with his friend to a birthday party/sleepover, while I loaded the car up with Emily, Alicia and their bikes and headed to the Silver Comet Trail for an 8-miler.
I wasn’t sure how long my support team would last, but I planned to run to the 4 mile mark and turnaround. At about the 1 1/2 mile mark, they slowed down and I kept running.

I had never been on the Silver Comet Trail. It’s a beautiful, paved tree-lined trail that stretches for 60 miles from the Northwest side of Atlanta all the way across the Alabama border!

8-Miles Silver Comet Trail

When I told this to Alicia, she kept saying “Daddy! I don’t want to ride all the way to Alabama!” Don’t worry, I told her, neither did I.

In my rushing to get everybody on their bikes and out on the trail, I forget to stretch! Doh! I start to feel this at about the 3-mile mark, but push through it.
My biggest issue is with my socks though. As I reach the turnaround point, my feet start to feel heavy and very sweaty. The socks — Thorlos Mini Crew with Coolmax — I used were bought for me by Emily and cost something like $12 a pair! Clearly, I don’t deserve such fine socks.

They are great for short distance, but I notice a problem on the long runs. It’s like I’m running on two soggy sponges. Not a good feeling. I have a few other different pairs that I will have to experiment with on future long runs. This is a minor problem that can be easily fixed, I think.

As for the rest of the run, after reaching the turnaround point at 4 miles, I spot Emily and Alicia (who is just 5-years-old, BTW) riding right towards me at the 3.5 mile mark. I’m shocked! I never thought they would ride that far.

When Alicia sees me, she turns around and takes off shouting “Daddy, you won’t beat me!” Gotta love her spirit. About 1/4 mile down the road, I see her off in the distance as she rides off the road and crashes! Ouch! I kick it into high gear and catch up to Emily and her. Alicia rubs the dirt and gravel off her knees, cries for a minute, and jumps back on her pink Barbie bike and takes off again. Impressive. She’d make one heck of a hockey player!

As we close in on the finish line, I sprint alongside Alicia as she pedals as fast as she possibly can. We are both in a full out dash for the line… I give it every thing I have as she pedals and pedals as fast as her little legs will go. Finally, she takes the lead in the closing 10 yards and wins our father/daughter race. (Truth is, I could have taken her, I was just being the nice dad! I don’t like to lose, but in this case I make an exception.)

We load up the bikes and head back home at about 8:30 pm. Alicia falls asleep in the back of the car. What a great day! I will do 3 slow/steady miles in the morning just to stretch out the muscles. I don’t think Alicia or mom will join me though. But it was nice to have a support team on the trail for at least one day!


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