2006 Masters

The Masters

I head to Augusta, Ga. on Monday for the Masters — A Tradition Unlike Any Other.

I’m sad to say that Adam will not be attending.

I write this Blog in his memory. What-EVER! … He’s too busy trying to figure out how his silly-looking Bluetooth earpiece works… If he EVER starts to wear that thing on a regular basis, I certainly hope he leapfrogs any misguided reputation I have as a cell phone/blackberry “belt clipper!”

In case anybody was curious… a little known fact, if CBS turned the camera around on Magnolia Lane, and pointed it out to Washington Road, the public would see the truth about Augusta. There’s an IHOP right outside the gates, and less than 1/4 of a mile to the left of the main entrance is a Hooters (John Daly now parks his RV there. He signs autographs and sells merchandise out of it.)

I have a hard time deciding which would be better… Ordering a Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity breakfast

while wearing the green jacket, or ordering wings and a bucket of beers from a Hooters waitress while wearing the green jacket… both moves would be absolute classics!

James Brown is from Augusta and has a GREAT bar in town. I frequent it every year and plan to do to so again this year!

On my way to Augusta, I will be stopping at Reynolds Plantation resort to play a quick nine holes. I love that place. Great golf courses, great food and a great Ritz Carlton.

That’s all for now.
Hit em long and straight and not too often!

– Boon


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  1. apod

    Can y’all PLEASE stop using that picture of me fer chrissake!Surely there’s a better shot of me out there. Somewhere.And do i have to change my sign-in name. Don’t to piss of Mr. Matthews

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