Before going to Kiwi-land, I decided to stop off in Huntsville, Alabama, to coach the Atlanta Fire Squirt A (10-under) travel hockey team in the Southern Youth Hockey League playoffs. It’s a common stopover people make before traveling to the other side of the earth!

As you can see by our league record, anything short of victory will be unacceptable! If we lose, simply blame it on the fact that the coach had his mind on other things!

Two significant developments have occurred prior to my departure. No. 1: I bought a 30GB video Ipod! I can now hang with the cool kids at recess… maybe.

The other bit of news is not so cool. My wingman, one Daniel Acker, who hails from the island of Manhattan, has gotten the boot from the journey. Budget reasons. Now, I will need to track down some random Aussie photog that has stolen Acker’s gig once I arrive in Kiwi-ville. Bummer.

It’s probably for the best though. Acker likely would have gotten in the way, and been thrown to the turf – Bernie Ebbers style! For those unfamiliar with Dan’s work see the following CNN transcript from when he, in a mad dash to get the perfect shot, stepped in front of Ebbers as he was on his was to be sentenced!

S. O’BRIEN: Bernie Ebbers in court for his sentencing hearing.
With a look at that, plus a check of Wall Street, Andy Serwer’s “Minding Your Business” this morning. Good morning.
ANDY SERWER, “FORTUNE” COLUMNIST: Good morning, Soledad.
We have some pictures in of Bernie Ebbers coming into court just about an hour.
He’s a little punchy, I think it’s fair to say. We have that tape here?
Here we go. There’s Mr. Ebbers.
Ooh, is that a bump or a push?
S. O’BRIEN: A push and…
SERWER: That’s a bump.
That was Dan Acker, Bloomberg photographer, who — I think it’s fair to say — got in the way of Bernie…
S. O’BRIEN: Grabs him, pulls him down…
SERWER: And there’s the look, Soledad, the look.
S. O’BRIEN: Well, he’s going to be — he potentially could be sentenced to like 85 years in prison, right?
SERWER: Yes, 85 years, that’s right. Let’s talk about the markets. Stock trading up at this hour on Wall Street. S&P and Nasdaq going for five days in a row.

You will be missed Dan!


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