Family, Friends, Colleagues and Miscreants,

Just in case you cared, I have created this space for you to follow my travels to the far off land of New Zealand from Feb. 20-27.

If you don’t care, or simply find that this blog is a waste of space that details the meaningless minutes of the life of a wannabe Oscar Madison , please click here to read something much more interesting.

While in NZ, I will be visiting with Julian “Don’t Call Me The Big O” Robertson. Read more about him here.

With billions to spare, he decided to build Kauri Cliffs and Cape Kidnappers Golf Clubs.

For those unaware, New Zealand, a land reached by the Polynesian Maori in about 800 A.D. , was first settled by the British in 1840. The British colony of New Zealand became an independent dominion in 1907 and supported the UK militarily in both World Wars. New Zealand’s full participation in a number of defense alliances lapsed by the 1980s. In recent years, the government has sought to address longstanding Maori grievances.

The country’s 268,680 sq km land area is about the size of Colorado. With a population of about 4,035,461 (July 2005), metro Atlanta has more residents at 4,708,297 (2004), but far fewer sheep!

(There are 56 million sheep in NZ… That’s 13.8 sheep per person. Party time!)

Kiwifruit (once known as Chinese Gooseberry) gets its name from its fuzzy skin that makes it resemble New Zealand’s flightless Kiwi Bird.

The fruit is very, very nutritious. To learn how to “Sloop” a kiwifruit, see here

New Zealanders have also invented: The self-sealing lid; the stamp vending machine, the wide-toothed shearing comb, the bobby pin; the electric fence; the jet boat and
pavlova (however, the Australian’s also claim pavlova as their invention.
Quite the scandal! I shall get to the bottom of it!

In the meantime, feel free to practice The Haka, while I’m away. When I return I will perform it in person for those who care.

Sing along to the Haka!!!

Ka Mate! Ka Mate!

Ka Ora! Ka Ora!

Tenei te ta ngata puhuru huru

Nana nei i tiki mai
Whakawhiti te ra

A upane ka upane!

A upane kaupane whiti te ra!


English Translation:

It is death! It is death!

It is life! It is life!

This is the hairy person

Who caused the sun to shine

Keep abreast! Keep abreast

The rank! Hold fast!

Into the sun that shines!

Finally, to prove that my children will be in good hands with my wife while I’m away, here’s a picture of my daughter being bit on the head by a dog while under my care in Larchmont, NY.

She was fine. Just a flesh wound. Great pic by dad, though! Quite the shutterbug!


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